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Introduction to the Missouri Driver Exam

The Missouri Driver Exam is split into four different tests; Written, Vision, Road Sign, and Driving.
To be eligible to take the Missouri Driving Exam you must be able to provide proof of your age and name. To find the nearest testing site near you, you can visit the Missouri State Highway Patrol website.

Missouri Driver Exam

1). Written

The Written Exam for a Class F (operator) driver’s licence consists of 25 multiple choice questions covering the laws of driving.

2). Vision

The vision portion of the exam will test both your vision acuity and peripheral vision. To be able to pass the vision exam you must have vision acuity of least 20/40 in one or both eyes. To pass the peripheral vision portion, you must have a peripheral reading minimum of at least 55 degrees in each eye or 85 degrees in one eye. You are able to wear contacts and glasses during the exam, but if you fail the exam, the proctor will give you a form that will need to be completed by your physician or ophthalmologist before you can retake the exam.

3). Road Sign

The Road Sign portion of the exam will test your ability to read and understand road signs.

4). Driving

The Driving Test is the last exam to take once you pass the Written, Vision, and Road Sign exams. Each driving exam is taken with an examiner from the Missouri State Highway Patrol who will inspect your car to make sure it is safe for the exam. Once the examiner okays the car for the exam, you’ll be ready to start the driving exam. The examiner will instruct you to do the following during the exam:

If you fail the driving part of the exam, you are able to re-take it, but can only do so once a day. If you fail the test more than three times you will need written approval from The Department of Revenue to retake the exam.

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