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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a car?
No. We make it easy! Driving lessons are conducted in our cars. For ease of handling and accelerated learning, we use late model mid-sized cars specially equipped with dual brake controls. We also have $1 million liability insurance coverage for your protection.

My schedule is busy, what days do you operate?
Monday to Saturday
8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
We operate around your busy schedule. Simply call us at (314) 849-4590 to make your first appointment and we will send an instructor to you! After the instructor meets you for the first time, they will work out a schedule that fits your needs.

Are there male and female instructors available?
We have both male and female instructors. Our instructors are professionally trained, experienced, courteous and patient.

How do I get to the location of the driver’s license test? What car do I use during the test?
Students can use our cars to take the Missouri driver’s license test!
We pick you up and review the test with you. We then take you to the test at the driver’s license bureau and, once the exam is completed, we return you back home.

Will taking driving lessons help with my insurance?
It depends on your insurance agency.
We provide a driving certificate to students who complete our driving lessons and pass their driver’s license test. These certificates can sometimes be used to receive discounts from auto insurance agencies. However, this is not always the case.
All insurance agencies are different and have their own policies regarding discount eligibility for their clients. Call your insurance agency to find out more about discounts related to driver’s education classes.

Do I need my driver’s permit before I take lessons?
You need a driver’s permit before you begin taking driving lessons at Missouri Driving School.
You can get your driver’s permit by going to your local driver’s license bureau and taking the written test along with the eye test.
After you receive your driver’s permit, call us at (314) 849-4590 to schedule your first appointment and we will send an instructor to you!

I have some driving experience, how many lessons will it take for me to get my driver’s license?
We teach students of all skill levels and the number of lessons depends on you. From beginners to more advanced drivers, we work to ensure that you are ready to take the test and get your driver’s license. We will review the test with you before we take you to the driver’s license bureau in one of our cars. We then return you back home after you’ve completed the test.

How long is each lesson?
Each lesson is 2 hours.
With over 40 years of experience, we have found that two-hour lessons maximize your learning capabilities without overexerting them.

Where can I take driving lessons?
Our team of instructors serves the Greater St Louis area with students all over the place including West County, the City of St Louis, the South City area, and more!  We come to you for your lesson so call us if you want to confirm that your address is served by our driver’s ed program.

I need St Louis DMV driving test help!
We help students of all abilities pass the test. When getting ready to take the test or if you’ve had problems passing the Missouri DMV test, we can prepare you as best as possible to help you obtain your license.

Do you teach how drive a stick shift or a manual transmission car?
At this time the Missouri Driving School does not teach stick shift or manual transmission driving.

At Missouri Driving School, driver’s education is our top priority!

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