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Private St Louis Driving Lessons

“The most important thing that will contribute to your success in driving is your instructor.”

All driving lessons are conducted in our training cars, featuring dual brake controls and $1 million in liability insurance.

Some of the first questions that our students have are how much are driver’s ed lessons? We offer private driving lessons at $84.50 per hour. Call and ask us about any additional instruction specials!


Missouri Driving School enjoys an enviable record backed by years of experience in driver’s education. The excellent reputation of our driver’s education institution has proved to be the reason for our steady growth into Missouri’s largest driving school, serving the city of St. Louis as well as the counties of St. Louis, St. Charles, and Jefferson.

The Missouri method of driver training is your assurance that you will receive the finest professional instructions available anywhere at any price. We employ full-time, highly-trained male and female instructors who are dedicated to teaching Defensive Driving and who will ensure that you take only the number of lessons you need.

(For example)

  1. Aim high in steering
  2. Get the big picture
  3. Keep your eyes moving
  4. Leave yourself an out
  5. Make sure they see you

The Institute of Driver Behavior reports that “four out of five drivers demonstrate by their action in traffic that they fail to recognize a traffic hazard soon enough to prevent it.” Our professional instructors will work to ensure that your scanning and searching techniques are properly developed so you can help prevent traffic incidents and mishaps. You need more than just a defensive driving school and an you need driver’s education that teaches for life.


Missouri Driving School offers the convenience of scheduling your pick up and completing your lesson from home, school or work. Services are available from 8 AM to 8 PM Monday through Saturday.

You can even use our automobiles for your driver’s license test as part of your last lesson!

REFRESHER COURSE – Excellent driving lessons for adults
The refresher course at our St. Louis driving school gives drivers the ability to improve their skills and stay current on Missouri driving regulations. This course is great for students who need additional instruction on driving basics, adults who need to renew their license or who have not driven in a while, and licensed drivers from other countries who need to learn how to drive on the right-hand side of the street. Tailored to adult driving lessons, our refresher course may even be the answer when the person in your care starts to show signs that their driving may create a danger to themselves or to others. From newer drivers to more senior drivers, taking a refresher course at Missouri Driving School can help drivers at all skill levels.

FIRST TIME DRIVERS – Get started the right way with our driving lessons for teens
At our driving school, we teach the correct searching and scanning techniques to help you quickly recognize a hazard and know how to react. Our St. Louis driving lessons also focus on correctly using your brake pedal, controlling your speed, changing lanes with precision accuracy, merging with traffic, driving on the highway, and parallel parking. Understanding driving safety regulations is vital to improving your driving abilities and we’ll be sure to teach you everything you need to know so you can pass your Missouri driver’s license test.  Teens want to hit the road quickly and our driving lessons for teens are ideal to get the right foundation for the road.

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS – Ideal for drivers from other countries
Studying, working, or living in Missouri? Our driver’s ed classes are great for learning how to drive in Missouri. Driving in other countries can be quite different than Missouri. A qualified driving tutor can be the difference between getting your Missouri driver’s license and walking.

Experience the best in driver’s education classes when you choose Missouri Driving School. “You’ll be glad you did.”

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