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Winter Driving Tips

As certain as traffic jams on Highway 44, you can be sure a winter storm will wreak havoc on Missouri roadways.

The State of Missouri averaged an annual 9,600 auto accidents resulting in over 2,500 injuries and 30 deaths over the past decade. You don’t have to become a statistic. Common sense and preparation will increase your chances of safe travel on winter roads.

Winter Driving TipsThe best way to stay safe is to stay home. Take advantage of technology and consider working from home until conditions improve. As good as that fast food burger sounds, make a PBJ and skip the slippery drive-thru for a while. The crews responsible for clearing our roadways also appreciate your decision to stay in. If circumstances require your presence elsewhere, keep these tips in mind.

No matter how many winter driving tips you follow, it is best to learn how to drive the right way from the start. The professionals at Missouri Driving School can help you reach that goal with Missouri driving lessons for St. Louis area drivers. We’re ready to answer your questions and teach beginning or returning drivers in sun, rain and winter weather conditions Call Missouri Driving School today at 314-849-4590.

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