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New Drivers and Car Insurance

Your teenager has just passed their Missouri driving test and can’t wait to show off a candid selfie with their license on social media.

Is your smile as big as the one on your teen driver’s face? Not if you are thinking about how your car insurance rates are about to go way up.

New Missouri Drivers and Car InsuranceParents and guardians know that adding a new and inexperienced driver to auto insurance will cost you more money. Insurance costs are based on the likelihood that teenage drivers participate in more risky driving behaviors such as not using seat belts, driving distracted, speeding, driving under the influence and more. Lack of experience means a higher chance of accidents, and that cost is passed on to you. The CDC reported that the group at highest risk for motor vehicle crashes has been ages 16-19 since the started keeping track.

In most places, car insurance is not only mandated by law, but on a practical level it is absolutely necessary to protect you and your new driver in the event of a crash. There are ways to keep costs down while keeping that protection.

  1. Shop around. Most of us have had the same insurance companies for years, often the same one our parent’s used for us when we became new drivers. When cost is an issue, check out other companies for less expensive rates.
  2. Change the type of coverage you have. You might not be in the market for comprehensive auto insurance for your new driver, or you may want to consider a higher deductible. Talk with your insurance or broker to find the happy medium between savings and appropriate protection.
  3. Use available discounts. You might get a break on your insurance rates through good student programs, save driver courses or low mileage policies. You can also save money bundling your home and auto policies together. Ask about military discounts if that might be applicable to your situation.
  4. Consider the car your new driver is operating. In 2022, the least expensive car to insure was the Subaru Outback, followed by the Honda CR-V and Jeep Wrangler. Overall, small SUVs and crossovers are safer and thus less expensive to cover. Teslas and super sporty cars top the list of most expensive cars to insure. So even if your kid has been aces all year, opt for the Ford Escape over the Mustang to save money on insurance.

Many large insurance carriers such as Geico, State Farm and Allstate among others reward their customers for having new drivers complete driver safety courses.

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