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Don’t Fall into These Bad Driver Habits

New drivers are ready to take on the world that has just opened up to them. Even with the best driving instruction from Missouri Driving School, it is easy for those new drivers to develop some less than stellar habits that might compromise safety.

It is important to drive consciously and carefully. Here are the top five most common bad driving tendencies we have that potentially compromise safety.

  1. Forgetting to use a signal. There is a reason our vehicles are equipped with turn signals. They are provided to let drivers and pedestrians know of your intent to turn into or out of a street or lot and switch lanes. When you neglect to signal your direction, you risk collision or a dangerous predicament for bicyclists or pedestrian. Make an effort to flip that signal switch up or down every time you turn, even if no one is around.
  2. No, we are not talking about the football variety. Following the car in front of you to closely can be a mistake when you aren’t paying attention or intentional if you find yourself in a road rage situation. This puts you in danger of collision without room to brake. It can also result in a ticket. Leave enough room between you and the vehicle in front of you to come to a complete stop in a hurry. You’ll need even more room in bad weather such as rain or ice.
  3. Maybe you’ve heard the saying “Nine you’re fine, ten you’re mine” when it comes to the speed limit. You can actually get a speeding ticket for going any amount over the posted limit. What if there’s hardly any traffic and you are running late? No, don’t speed. What if other people are going really fast in traffic? No, don’t speed. High speed increases your chances of a crash three fold. Arrive alive, and abide by the speed limit.
  4. Yielding and right of way mistakes. At an intersection, you should know which vehicle as the right of way. There are many different variables when it comes to yielding to other cars. For example, first in first out is a good rule for most four way stops. The first car to stop is the first car to go. Otherwise, follow the rule of yielding to the driver on the right. Be aware of the actions of the drivers around you. If another driver thinks they have the right of way and proceeds through an intersection, it is better to yield and avoid a crash or confrontation.
  5. Driving drowsy or distracted. Driving while you are overly tired is just as dangerous as driving drunk. Your driving abilities and judgement are impaired. Don’t fall asleep at the wheel. Pull over and rest or switch drivers to be safe. Distracted driving is the worst bad habit of all drivers. Cell phones, radios, or kids can take your attention away from the road momentarily. That is all it takes for an accident or injury. Remember what is most important. If you drop something, wait until you can pull over safely to pick it up. Don’t text and drive, and even pay close attention to the road when using a hands free device.

Missouri Driving School is a great choice to learn driving without these bad habits. If your teenager has their driver’s permit, we are ready to get them behind the wheel and teach them the right way from the very start. Lessons are given in our newer mid-size cars equipped with dual brake controls to ensure safety. Students can even use our cars to take the driver’s test.

Your teen can schedule lessons between 8am and 8pm Monday through Saturday. That is just the flexibility a busy family needs. Our instructors are professional, courteous, patient and experts in what they do. If you have a new driver that needs to learn good habits, or if you need to unlearn some bad driving behaviors, Missouri Driving School is the solution. Call us at 314-849-4590 and find out how our qualified instructors can help you reach your driving goals.

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