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Do Red Cars Really Get More Tickets?

Poppy Red. Passion Red. Tornado Red.

These are actual factory paint colors available on cars and trucks sold today. With such sexy and enticing names, it’s no wonder that red is a popular choice among car buyers. There is also an urban myth that red cars are pulled over more often than any other color. Is this true? Missouri Driving School is here to help you understand how this idea came to be and what impact it might have on your driving.

First, it is important to understand what the color red convey. Our brains associate red with energy and excitement. It increases our heart rates and raises our blood pressure.

Red screams “Notice me!” Even in the background, the color red stands out in a crowd. You don’t choose to purchase that Victory Red hatchback because it is the only color car on the lot. You choose to drive a red car because it probably makes you feel like an extrovert ready to convey passion to the world. So does your Kiln Red Metallic sedan especially catch the eye of law enforcement?

Interestingly, your Diablo Red convertible is not the color car that gets pulled over most often. Statistically that honor goes to white vehicles. Red cars come in second place, followed by gray and silver automobiles. You might think white cars are boring, but the fact is that white is the most popular color choice among automobiles sold today. So it makes sense that white cars would be pulled over more frequently, as there are more of them on the road.

Make and model car also contribute to who gets pulled over. Your Subaru WRX might not be painted Crimson Red Pearl, but it is the most likely vehicle to get pulled over. A Scion hatchback and Volkswagen GTI round out the top three. You are least likely to get a ticket if you drive a Buick Encore, even if it is Cinnabar Metallic. Lexus and Acura sedans round out the top three least likely to see flashing lights in the rear-view mirror.

What is important to remember that it is the driver that gets a ticket, not a vehicle. Younger drivers who tend to push the speed limit are more likely to get pulled over. The three most ticketed cars mentioned here are all marketed toward a younger generation. Drivers of Midnight Garnet SUVs and Black Rose Metallic station wagons are usually older and more experienced drivers who take safety seriously.

The best way to avoid getting pulled over in your Designo Hyacinth Red Metallic pick up truck is to learn to drive the right way. Missouri Driving School has professional yet personable teachers to help new or returning drivers to learn to handle even the brightest Firemist Red car responsibly. We’re ready to answer your questions and guide your driver the right direction. So before you purchase your teenager’s first Tango Red car, call Missouri Driving School today at 314-849-4590.

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