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Missouri’s Graduate Driver License

What is Missouri’s Graduate Driver License Law?

Missouri's Graduate Driver LicenseThe State of Missouri instituted a graduated driver’s license law on January 1, 2001 in an effort to reduce motor vehicle accidents among teen drivers.

This law provides a three step licensing system designed to reduce the factors that contribute to crashes among new drivers. These include driving at night, driving with passengers, and driving while distracted. Over the last twenty years, the graduated license law has reduced teen crashes in Missouri by 40%.

  1. The first step begins with an instructional permit. The driver is eligible at age 15 and must pass a vision, road sign and written test to obtain the permit. The permit is valid for 12 months. During this time, the teen must practice driving for at least six months or 182 days and log a minimum of 40 hours of supervised driving. Ten of these hours must be at night. Under the age of 16, teens must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or qualified person at least 25 years of age in the front seat. When the driver turns 16 and still holds an instructional permit, teens can drive when accompanied by an individual 21 and over with a valid driver’s license.
  2. The intermediate license is the second phase of the graduated license law. At the age of 16, the intermediate license is given after completing all requirements of the instructional period and passing the vision, road sign and driving test. Intermediate drivers can only have one passenger for the first six months and are limited to three passengers until the full license is obtained. Driving is not allowed between 1am and 5am unless to and from work or school.
  3. A full driver’s license can be obtained at the age of 18 with a valid intermediate license. The driver must pass the vision and road sign tests again, but written and driving tests are not required if previously passed.

Keep in mind that a clean driving record is required during all phases of the graduated license law. Driving privileges cannot have been suspended, revoked or denied. There can be no alcohol-related convictions within the last 12 months or traffic convictions within the last 6 months. As with all drivers, Missouri requires seat belts for all occupants and does not allow texting while driving, even at stoplights.

This three-step process should be viewed as the minimum required for teen driving safety. Time and patience are key to teaching new drivers the confidence to be successful long-term drivers. The professionals here at Missouri Driving School can navigate teen drivers through the graduated license process. One-on-one training with qualified instructors assures that your teen will learn correct driving techniques in a safe environment. Schedule a lesson for yourself or your teenager today at (314) 849-4590!

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