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How Do I Renew or Update My Missouri Driver’s License

Happy Birthday!
Not only to do you get to celebrate, it is also likely the day your Missouri driver’s license expires.

How Do I Renew or Update My Missouri Driver's LicenseA quick jaunt to your local DMV is no longer the standard. Not only is it important to have the right documents, you should be prepared to wait in line, or when available, make an appointment.

When you renew your license, you must choose whether or not you would like a REAL ID-compliant license. The documentation required is more extensive for REAL ID compliance. Below is what is required to renew a standard Missouri Driver’s License. There are many options available to fill each requirement. The most common are included below.

If you have a name change, a certified marriage certificate, divorce decree, or adoption paperwork is necessary.

During the pandemic, local DMV offices made drastic changes to hours and business practices. Without an appointment, one had to spend time waiting outside of the DMV location with social distancing measures in place. Check the State of Missouri’s website at to find DMV offices. Some of these locations may still offer the option to book appointments online (subject to change).

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