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Highway Driving Versus City Driving in St Louis

Highway Driving Versus City Driving in St Louis
Highway driving does less damage and can even be beneficial for your car when compared to city driving.

Most used car lots have at least one vehicle with the words “highway miles” prominently advertised on a windshield. Is there really a difference between highway and city driving?

The odometer can tell you the number of miles on your car, but how those miles accumulated can make a difference in the life of your vehicle. St Louis has a number of road types that range from highways to side streets and everything in between for drivers looking to get their license!

What is highway driving? City driving?

Highway driving involves commuting across longer distances without the need to stop and start frequently. You travel at higher speeds, and that speed is usually consistent. In essence, you cover more distance in a shorter amount of time. City driving involves shorter distance, more stopping and starting, engine idling, and shifting gears.

Is highway driving better for your car?

Highway driving does less damage and can even be beneficial for your car when compared to city driving. When traveling at a consistent RPM, you give your hardworking transmission a well-deserved break when your engine does not have to shift gears as often. Road conditions are generally better on the highway, and this is good news for your suspension. On the highway, your vehicle can maintain a consistent charge in the battery and alternator. Highway miles do add up quicker than city driving, however.

What does city driving do to a vehicle?

You are going to see more wear and tear on a car used in city driving. The stopping and starting in local commutes will wear out the brakes sooner than highway driving. Local municipality roads may suffer from proper maintenance, so those potholes do a number on your vehicle’s tires and suspension. Your engine gets a workout during city driving as it speeds up and slows down compared to one cruising speed during highway driving. Safety is more of a concern in city driving with the potential for accidents because of more drivers in closer proximity- think door dings and parking lot mishaps.

What about gas mileage?

City driving is harder on your engine than driving on the highway. This is because your engine is actually working harder to stop, start or change speeds on local roadways. This type of driving requires more gas and therefore reduces gas mileage. Highway gas mileage is less because keeping your engine running at a consistent level consumes less gas as a rule. Aggressive driving (speeding, rapid acceleration or braking) is a big waste of gas for both highway and city driving. It can lower your MPG up to 30%. In other words, safe driving will save you gas money and may save your life.

To save you money during highway and city driving, learn how to drive properly in all conditions from the start. Missouri Driving School shows your new driver how to handle a vehicle safely and with respect. For generations, we have shown our commitment to quality driver’s education in the St. Louis metropolitan area. If you have a driver that needs to learn the roads or if you would like a refresher for your own  St Louis driving skills, call Missouri Driving School at (314) 849-4590. Your car and your driver will thank you.

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