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Why Getting Your License is More Important Now Than Ever

A new license can give drivers a new sense of freedom and for many teens, it’s their first big step towards independence from their parents.  But nowadays having a license can mean more than self-sufficiency, it can mean safer commutes.

Safety Concerns

Some people use public transportation as a way to bypass sitting in traffic and long commutes. But public transportation has long been seen as a cause for concern across multiple U.S. cities. With rising crime rates and busier cities – having your license could help keep you safe. Getting your license means you get to skip the hustle and bustle of taking public transit and it could potentially keep you safe. According to The Bureau of Transportation, in 2018 over two million people were injured by some form of air, water or freight transportation. Obtaining your license and having your own mode of transportation can help you avoid the potential dangers or service interruptions when taking public transportation.

Impact of Covid-19

Having your license can mean safer commutes

Since the beginning of the pandemic, there has been a higher health risk associated with taking public transportation. Subway systems, trains such as Amtrak and city buses on a normal day are flooded with hundreds of passengers. With Coronavirus spreading rapidly around the world, many people are starting to re-think how they get around their city. Some systems, like the MTA in New York, have new cleaning systems in place, however your risk of contracting the virus on one of these transportation systems is still high. Taking public transit means that you are around passengers and drivers who may employ different degrees of mask usage and social distancing. Having your license can be a great perk in a time like this when you want to take every possible precaution.


There are several modes of public transportation all over the states, with one of the most popular in recent years being ride-hailing apps. With over 500 million yearly users, chances are you or someone you know have taken some form of Ride Share like Uber or Lyft. As a means of public transportation, ride shares have skyrocketed and surpassed many taxi and ride hailing services in revenue. Uber and Lyft are very popular in both urban and suburban areas, with many riders choosing one of these services over other forms of public transportation. But just like other forms of public transportation, ride shares have their own set of risks. Uber and Lyft both have a ride pull feature which allows patrons to share rides with other passengers to lower the price of the trip. This means that you could potentially be riding with a complete stranger(s) who is not the profiled driver. During a pandemic and even before, this feature and the general practices of the ride-share service, poses its own set of risks and health concerns.

Having your license can give you more than a sense of independence, it can give you a sense of safety. We’re here to teach you how to drive to empower you. Give us a call today to schedule your private driving lesson (314) 849-4590!

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