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Types of Missouri Driver’s Licenses

When you hear people talk about getting a Missouri driver’s license, they usually refer to what’s know as the Class F driver’s license.

In actuality, there are several different types of licenses. The license types offered by the state of Missouri are a Class F license, a for-hire license, a motorcycle license, and a Commercial Driver’s License or CDL.

Different types of Missouri Driving Licenses

The Class F driver’s license is the one most people refer to when they talk about a driver’s license. It is also called an operator’s license and allows the person holding the license to drive any motor vehicle unless that motor vehicle requires a Class A, B, C or E license. A Class F driver’s license also does not allow you to drive a motorcycle unless you take a separate test for that. Anyone who wants a Class F driver’s license has to pass a written test and a driving test that covers the general rules of the road. Drivers are eligible for this license at age 16. We teach student drivers how to learn to drive in preparation for the Missouri Class F driver’s license. These driving lessons are the foundation for all licenses. To schedule your driving lessons, call us at (314) 849-4590 or contact us.

While we don’t offer driving instruction on the following license types, they’re useful to know!

The for-hire license is also called the Class E driver’s license. The written test for this license has questions from the entire driver’s guide but especially from the Commercial Driver Licenses section. An applicant would need to have all the same knowledge as that for a Class F driver’s license, as well. Reasons for applying for a Class E driver’s license include driving for delivery, such as pizza or flowers, driving 14 passengers or fewer, or driving freight or merchandise. Applicants for the Class E driver’s license must be at least 18 years old.

The motorcycle license, or Class M license, requires passing both the Class F and Class M written, vision, and road signs exams, plus the skills motorcycle test. Applicants have to be at least 16.

And finally, the CDL, or Class A, B, or C license is for anyone who wants to operate a commercial motor vehicle. Rules pertaining to a Class A, B, or C license are in a separate manual and applicants are tested based on the rules in the manual. Applicants have to be at least 18 to apply for a CDL, and 21 to apply for a CDL with a hazardous materials or school bus endorsement.


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