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Missouri REAL ID – What You Need to Know

The REAL ID mandate comes from the passing of the REAL ID Act of 2005. This law mandated certain security measures to prevent fraud and and increase identification and terrorism security. Missouri fully adopted the REAL ID program in 2019 and in 2021 every state in America will be required to issue these IDs. 

What is REAL ID Driver’s License?

REAL ID compliant licenses are indicated with a yellow star in the top right hand corner. Any Missouri IDs issued prior to March 25, 2019 will not show any indication of the ID being compliant. Starting October 21, 2021 all Missouri residents will be required to have a drivers license or ID that is compliant with the REAL ID program to access:

A REAL ID is not a requirement and you will still be able to drive with your standard issued license. However, you may be denied access from military bases and other government buildings without one and next time you renew your driver’s license, you’ll receive a REAL-ID-driver’s license at your St. Louis DMV.

How can I get one?

REAL ID program implemented in Missouri

You can obtain your REAL ID by visiting your local St. Louis area DMV (or one of their 170 locations around Missouri). You must specifically request a REAL-ID or they will automatically give you a regularly issued one. To receive the Missouri-issued ID you will need to provide four pieces of information:

You can view the entire list of acceptable documents here. Keep in mind that you can’t have both a “traditional” license or non-driver ID and a REAL ID-compliant license at the same time. To make it easier, you can renew ahead of the normal six month expiration window and as of October, 2020, there is a one-time duplicate transaction waiver if you have not previously had a REAL ID-compliant license.

Non-REAL ID Driver’s Licenses

Missouri doesn’t require residents to have a REAL ID and the does not invalidate any licenses or identification cards without REAL ID verification. This means your existing license or any license issued before March 25, 2019 will still be valid for driving and voting. Any non-REAL ID compliant license will be marked with ‘NOT FOR REAL ID PURPOSES’ on the top right hand corner of the license. Before visiting a military base or government building, check and see if a passport is a valid form of identification if you do not have a REAL ID.

Be prepared for October 21, 2021 and get more information about the Missouri REAL ID program here!

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