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Missouri Driving Exam Tests Suspended Until April 27

Missouri driving tests have two parts: a written exam and a driving exam. The Missouri State Highway Patrol administers the test. Applicants take the written portion of the test on site at a Department of Motor Vehicle office and, on passing the written test, take the driving exam in a car with a staff member to evaluate the applicant’s driving ability.

Missouri driving exams suspended by the Missouri State Highway Patrol

The novel coronavirus, which was designated a pandemic by the World Health Organization, has been found to spread easily through person-to-person contact and through spending extended time in close proximity with someone who has contracted the virus. Those who have become infected with the virus can be contagious without showing symptoms for several days. Because of these factors, the Highway Patrol on March 17 decided to suspend driving tests. The suspension will last until at least April 27th, in line with Missouri Governor Mike Parson’s “Stay Home Missouri” order issued on April 3.

The Highway Patrol is still allowing applicants to take the written exam, but is limiting the number of people inside a facility at one time and asks that all applicants follow social distancing guidelines. The Highway Patrol also asks that anyone who feels ill or has been in contact with someone who feels ill to take the written exam at a later date.

In the meantime, we encourage those of you who would like to begin driving lessons to study for the written exam, which you need to pass before you can take driving lessons from our instructors.

You can find the information about locations and times from the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s website for for Missouri driver examination testing locations.

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