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Too Busy to Learn to Drive St. Louis High School Students? We Can Help!

School’s back in session for St. Louis high schools, and now that you’re ready to get your driver’s license your schedule is full. You have homework, sports, work – the list goes on.

Now that you are old enough to get your license, you’re wondering how and when you’re going to take lessons to get your license, then go take the test to get your license. According to the official Health and Human Services website, teens get only about 1.4 hours of leisure time in a given weekday day with only 1.9 on a weekend day. That’s not a whole lot to cram in time to spend in driver’s ed, a skill which sticks with you for the rest of your life.

The good news is we can help.

Our professional drivers drive our specially equipped cars to your house to pick you up for your lessons and drop you back off at your house at the end of your lessons. Our instructors are both women and men so you and your parents can be the most comfortable with your one-on-one driving lessons. That takes care of one piece of the puzzle – how you will get to and from your driving lessons and where you will find a car. Now you don’t need to worry about when or how to borrow a car. There’s no tying up a family vehicle!

Because we pick you up at the beginning of your lessons and drop you off at your house at the end of your lessons, you can plan for driving lessons that last exactly two hours. During our years of experience we have found that a lesson lasting two hours is the optimal amount of time. Knowing this, you can make plans to fit driving lessons into your schedule. We offer St. Louis driving lessons anytime between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m., Monday through Saturday. With this kind of availability, we’re sure you can find time for a driving lesson.

While each lesson is two hours long, every student is different so every student needs a different number of driving lessons to be prepared for your driver’s test. It is best to plan one lesson at a time.

Once you have taken the lessons you need to prepare for your driver’s test, when you take the test we will come to your house, pick you up, review the test with you, let you use the car to take the test, then drop you off back home. No more waiting in line in driver’s ed class.

So contact us to set up a St. Louis driving lesson and get ready to cross driving lessons off your to-do list.

Missouri driving lessons are in session. Call to schedule!(314) 849-4590