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Teen Drivers Education Classes in St. Louis

Teen Drivers Education Classes in St. LouisThe state of Missouri doesn’t require teenage drivers to take a formal driver’s education course. We think it’s still a good idea though, and we highly recommend it.

It’s more than just putting the phone down and hitting the pavement. Heads-up displays, electronics, and a myriad of additional feedback signals make today’s driving a different world from even a decade ago. As any experienced driver knows, driving well requires concentration and skill in optimal conditions, and even more so in difficult driving conditions. New drivers can easily be overwhelmed by everything required to be a safe driver. It’s one thing to optimize a new teenage driver’s learning experience to make them comfortable behind the wheel of a car so they can learn to drive, but it’s another skill entirely to prepare them for driving in not just optimal conditions, but also in challenging driving conditions.

Our instructors are professional St. Louis driving instructors who are skilled at teaching new drivers, including teenage drivers, how to become comfortable with driving safely, and then how to drive safely when faced with the need to drive in less than ideal driving conditions. Along with professional driving instruction skills, our instructors have newer cars equipped with dual brakes to make the learning experience safe for both driving instructors and learning drivers.

“I had Donna as my instructor and I totally recommend her for anyone. She was very patient and calm when teaching. Learning with her was comfortable with no unnecessary pressure. Before the test, she raised my confidence which totally supported me to face and pass the test.”

– Actual Missouri Driving School review from June, 2019

There’s a lot going on for a new driver just getting started, and a great way to give yourself peace of mind about your teenager getting behind the wheel of a car is to trust their drivers education to our St. Louis professional instructors and our specially-equipped cars.

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