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Wentzville Driving School

Wentzville Driving School

Wentzville Driving SchoolWentzville, Missouri has over 400 lane miles of streets and hundreds of parking lots to accommodate drivers in this city of 30,000 residents. Two major interstates traverse Wentzville’s 21 square miles. Learning to navigate the streets of Wentzville as a new driver can be intimidating. Fortunately, Missouri Driving School is ready to teach new drivers or refresh skills for existing drivers in Wentzville.

What should I look for in a Wentzville driving school?

  1. Missouri Driving School was established in 1980 with the idea that driving is a skill best acquired with personal instruction tailored to each individual student. We offer one-on-one private driving lessons in safe automobiles that students can use to take their driver’s test. We have thousands of satisfied customers, some of which have returned with their teenagers to instill safe driving techniques.
  2. Exceptional instructors
    For your Wentzville driving lessons, instructors at Missouri Driving school undergo intensive background checks that include drug screening and criminal history searches. We also guarantee no smoking in our training cars. Our instructors are dedicated to providing first-class driver’s education. Our reviews reflect appreciation for the patience and professionalism displayed by our instructors with every lesson.
  3. A safe and relaxed atmosphere
    We use late model sedans with advanced safety features including dual controls. We are fully insured for your protection and ours. Missouri Driving School instructors realize that first time drivers and their parents can be nervous. Our lessons are straightforward. Our instructors are patient. Our results are amazing.

Do you find trying to teach your own teenager how to drive frustrating? Let your Wentzville driving school teach your new driver how to navigate the intersection of West Pearce and Wentzville Parkway. Let our qualified professional instructors help your driver navigate the blind curves on Highway Z and rolling hills near Rotary Park.

Maybe you’ve looked at online driving school. Do you want your new driver to learn to parallel park on S. Callahan Road from a three-minute video demonstration? Are you ready to let your teenager maneuver through Wentzville Bluffs parking lot after reading a few online posts? Missouri Driving School is your answer to a successful and rewarding driving experience from Pitman Avenue to Prospect Drive.

School is in session, and your Wentzville driving experience starts at Missouri Driving School. Call to schedule at (314) 849-4590.

Missouri driving lessons are in session. Call to schedule!(314) 849-4590