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Town & Country MO Driver’s Ed Classes

Town and Country, Missouri Driver's Education ClassesIf you call the city of Town & Country home, then you know it is a mostly residential area with Clayton Road as its main east-west road and Mason Road as its main north-south road. It also has Manchester Road, or highway 100, touching a little bit of its southern city limits.

Two major highways and one secondary highway intersect near or in the city of Town & Country: highway 141, highway 40, and highway 270. Each of these highways, their interchanges and the roads that intersect them offer beginning drivers who live in Town & Country the perfect opportunity to practice their skills in merging with highway traffic, maneuvering on a highway, and changing from one highway to another, all close to home. Not to mention the number of residential areas and handful of small-scale commercial shopping areas in which to negotiate a parking lot and streets of varying speed limits and number of lanes.

Town & Country, which became a fourth-class city in 1974, has several private school campuses in its city limits: Maryville University, The Principia, Visitation Academy, Christian Brothers College High School and Westminster Christian Academy. Driving around a school campus offers additional challenges of watching for pedestrians, reading road signs specific to a school campus, and navigating around a campus where roads may have special closure times.

Believe it or not, the city was originally known as Altheim in 1886 before being incorporated as the village of Town & Country in 1950. In 1974 it was incorporated as a fourth-class city, which means the city had between 500-2,999 residents as of that year.

When you are ready to learn to drive with one of our instructors, you will need to obtain a learner’s permit from the Missouri DMV.  The closest Missouri DMV office is located in the Des Peres Square at 1080 Old Des Peres Road, St. Louis, MO 63131. When you’re ready to start your Town & Country driver’s ed classes, give us a call to schedule your lessons. One of our instructors will pick you up and drop you off at your house in Town & Country!

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