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Sunset Hills Driving School

Sunset Hills Driving School

On the southern edge of St. Louis County, the thriving suburb of Sunset Hills is home to just under 9,000 residents. Community members enjoy award winning schools, prestigious golf clubs, the area’s only outdoor sculpture park, and the most dangerous intersection in metropolitan St. Louis.

Sunset Hills Driving SchoolLearning to navigate the roads of Sunset Hills can be a challenge for a new driver. Pulling up to the stoplight at Gravois and Lindbergh Boulevard adds another layer of worry. New drivers can learn to drive safely and accurately with the trained instructors at Missouri Driving School. We are your Sunset Hills driving school. One of the most important lessons new drivers will learn from our expert staff is the concept of defensive driving.

In essence, defensive driving is operating a motor vehicle using safe driving strategies that enable motorists to identify and react to potential hazards in a purposeful manner. Defensive driving goes beyond looking both ways at a stop light and following basic traffic laws. Here are three defensive driving tips that will help to keep your driver and other drivers safe behind the wheel.

  1. Be alert. This is the most important part of defensive driving. When you drive, be fully awake, fully sober, and fully present. Eating, playing with your phone, or cycling radio channels can distract you from the road. If you have to send a text message or if you drop your French fries in your lap, pull over to a safe place before you deal with it. Drivers who learn from Missouri Driving School instructors are confident and know how to identify distractions before they become a problem.
  2. Follow the three-second rule. This rule dictates that you leave three seconds of space between you and the vehicle in front of you. You can measure by watching the car pass a marker such as a sign or light post and counting to three before you pass the same point. Any less means you are tailgating and setting yourself up for a potential accident. The three-second rule is essential to preventing accidents because it should provide you adequate time to brake. This is only applicable in ideal weather conditions. During inclement weather, following distance should be increased another three or four seconds to be able to stop on slick streets or reduced visibility.
  3. Don’t rely on other drivers. It is easy to assume that motorists around you are also driving defensively. Surely they are paying enough attention to keep you out of harm’s way, too. That is untrue. It is each driver’s responsibility to stay safe behind the wheel. When you expect other drivers to make mistakes, you can be prepared to deal with them if they happen. Lessons from Missouri Driving School include the importance of reacting quickly to avoid crashes.

Missouri Driving School provides real driving experience with instant feedback in a relaxed environment. Your Sunset Hills driver will stay calm and breeze through the green light at Gravois and Lindbergh with confidence. Our instructors are professional, courteous, and patient. Let us help your new driver learn the basics, the importance of defensive driving and more. Missouri Driving School is your Sunset Hills driving school. Call us at 314-849-4590 and find out how our qualified instructors can help you reach your driving goals.

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