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Maryland Heights Driving School

The bustling northwest St. Louis suburb of Maryland Heights is one of the youngest municipalities in the region. Incorporated in 1985, Maryland Heights is home to 30,000 residents and headquarters for major global companies like Edward Jones and World Wide Technology. Navigating the roadways of this city should be easy. However, two of Missouri’s most dangerous intersections fall within the city limits of Maryland Heights.


Learning to drive in Maryland Heights doesn’t have to be scary. Driving is a necessary skill that you will use daily. That is why it is important to learn it right the first time. Your Maryland Heights Driving School is Missouri Driving School. Here are the top three reasons you should look to our professional driving school for your driving education:


Missouri Driving School has qualified instructors. We are experienced and trained professionals who know how to teach people how to drive safely and effectively. We identify and correct any bad habits and help you develop the skills that you need to be a safe driver.


Missouri Driving School has safe and late-model vehicles. We offer a range of late-model mid-sized cars for ease of handling and accelerated learning. Each car is equipped with dual-braking controls, and we have a million-dollar liability insurance coverage for your protection. You can even use our cars to take the driving examination. 


Missouri Driving School offers comprehensive driver training. We are your Maryland Heights driving school for first-time drivers, international drivers, and drivers who want a refresher course. Our success rate is backed by years of experience in driver’s education. The excellent reputation of our driver’s education institution has proved to be the reason for our steady growth into Missouri’s largest driving school, serving Maryland Heights and surrounding communities.


When you learn to drive at Missouri Driving School, you will have peace of mind knowing that you’re in good hands. You will appreciate the convenient scheduling options, so you can find a time that works for you. Most importantly, you will recognize the value of your investment in driver education at Missouri Driving School. When you consider the cost of car insurance, repairs, and medical bills, it is worth learning to drive with a professional instructor that helps you become a confident driver.


Thanks to Missouri Driving School, Maryland Heights drivers can be well prepared to conquer the Page Avenue extension, Highway 270 and winding turns of Creve Coeur Mill Road. Experience the best in driver’s education classes when you choose Missouri Driving School. Call us today at (314) 849-4590. You’ll be glad you did.

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