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We pick you up at your house in Manchester, MO!Manchester, MO Driver’s Education Classes

Our professionally trained driving instructors pick you up at your place of residence in Manchester, Missouri for your driver’s education classes.
Manchester is in a great place to to learn how to drive. Even though the city is only slightly larger than 5 square miles, it has about 18,000 people. At the intersection of Highway 100, or Manchester Road, and Highway 141, it provides a good mix of city and relatively low-speed highway driving without having to travel too far.

Learning to Drive in Manchester, MO

Manchester is bordered by the towns of Ballwin, Winchester, Twin Oaks, and Town and Country in Missouri. Almost a quarter of the population in 2010 was under 18 years of age. The city has a high school, two middle schools, several elementary schools as well as a public library. Manchester also boasts a campus for Fontbonne University, a co-ed liberal arts Catholic institution of approximately 3,000 students. All of these offer opportunities for learning how to handle school zones beyond just posted lower speed limits during school hours.

Steps to Getting Your Missouri License

Before you can learn to drive from one of our instructors, you will need to obtain a learner’s permit from the Missouri DMV. One DMV office where you can take the test for your learner’s permit is at the corner of Sulphur Springs Road and Big Bend Road, just southwest of city limits. You’ll need to get your learner’s permit on your own however once you have it, we offer full-service driving instruction. Our instructors will pick you up and you’ll use our cars to drive on Missouri roads. We’ll review the test with you, take you to the DMV, allow you to use the vehicle, and return you home after the test!

When you have your Missouri Learner’s Permit, contact the Missouri Driving School to schedule your Manchester, MO driving lessons!

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