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Frontenac Driving School

Who doesn’t want to be in the center of everything? The City of Frontenac, Missouri is right in the middle of the greater St. Louis area and all it has to offer. Its 3600 residents live in 2.88 square miles of prime real estate. Plan to spend between $500k to over $4 million to live in Frontenac. Your investment will be rewarded with top tier schools, very low crime, and high-end shopping centers at your doorstep. Frontenac residents also enjoy well-maintained infrastructure and a local government that promotes safety on the road. That is important when you are learning how to drive and you’re looking for a Frontenac driving school.

Private Frontenac driving school lessons in Frontenac, Missouri.Missouri Driving School is ready to teach your teenager the right way to drive. As your Frontenac driving school, we know getting your teenager behind the wheel is a tremendous milestone. Use Missouri Driving School to provide the foundation for your new driver.  For some teenagers, the thought of driving school is less than thrilling. Sparking their interest is crucial for their success on the road. With a few simple strategies, you can easily get your teenager motivated for their driving lessons.

Set an exciting goal. Motivate your new driver to attend professional driving lessons with a goal or reward in mind. Consider an awesome road trip with your teen at the wheel, or give your teen a chance to take their dream car out for a spin after getting a license.  Ask your teen for ideas, too. This will encourage your teen to take the lessons seriously and become a skilled driver.

Plan with friends. Friends are everything in those teen years. Make driving lessons by planning driving lessons with their friends. Carpool to driving school. Compare notes when each lesson is completed. Practice driving as a group. This way, your teen will see it as a fun time with friends rather than another task to check off the list.

Be supportive. Teens are excited to get that coveted license, but less excited about learning how to do it. Parents can support their teens by offering encouragement and feedback. Celebrate their successes, such as passing their permit or driver’s license test. Your support will motivate your teenager to try harder and get better at their driving skills.

Find the right driving school. None of your planning will be helpful without the right driving school. Here at Missouri Driving School, we offer engaging private driving lessons in a relaxed environment. Your teen learns to drive in a late model vehicle with full safety features. Our staff is experienced, patient, and eager to show our students that driving does not have to be scary.

With Missouri Driving School, your new Frontenac driver will feel at ease taking the U-turn at Chaminade, merging onto Highway 64, and navigating the parking lot of Plaza Frontenac. We give students the power to drive confidently. We give parents the peace of mind that their new drivers are on the road with the knowledge they need to stay safe. Scheduling time is flexible between 8am and 8pm Monday through Saturday. So let Missouri Driving School be your Frontenac driving school. Lessons are in session, so call 314-849-4590 today.

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