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Clayton Driving School

Twenty-five year old Shay Meierson loves living in the center of Clayton, Missouri. Her 12th floor rental has gorgeous views that stretch to downtown St. Louis. Shay has grocery stores and restaurants well within walking distance and the baristas at the coffee shop in her building know her by name. She doesn’t need a car to commute to her nursing job because the Metrolink is just two blocks away. Shay has never gotten her driver’s license because even in college walking and biking met her transportation needs.

Clayton, MO Driving SchoolWhen Shay was offered a better position at a medical center miles away from public transportation, she began to rethink her dismissal of learning to drive. Where does a 25-year-old learn to operate a car? Her parents were in another state, and it would be awkward to ask a friend to teach her how to drive. After searching for the right Clayton driving school, Shay Meierson found the perfect solution. She learned to drive with Missouri Driving School.

Shay is not the only adult that waited to get her driver’s license. A recent study by the University of Michigan’s Transportation Research Institute found that the percentage of 20-somethings with driver’s licenses has fallen by 13 percent since 1990, and now fewer Americans in their 30s and 40s also have driver’s licenses. Much of this is driven by factors such as better access to public transportation, the wild popularity of ride shares, and the ability to have just about everything delivered to your doorstep. This has also led to an increased demand for driving lessons for adults, and residents of Clayton are no exception.

Clayton, Missouri is the seat of St. Louis County with over 17 thousand residents. It is headquarters to many organizations and boasts the best rated school district in the state of Missouri. Its real estate is among the most expensive in metropolitan St. Louis, so Clayton residents enjoy well maintained and safe roadways. This makes learning to drive a little easier.

Missouri Driving School has professional, courteous, and patient instructors who can teach Clayton drivers of any age. We are ready to teach you the basics of safely operating a car and navigating the Forest Park Parkway traffic. Learn good driving skills from Missouri Driving School, and you reduce your chances getting a traffic ticket you’ll have to pay at the county’s headquarters, even though they are conveniently located in Clayton. Missouri Driving School is your Clayton driving school. Whether you just got your learner’s permit at 15 or if you are just getting behind the wheel at 35, Missouri Driving School’s qualified instructors can help you reach your driving goals. Call us at 314-849-4590 today.

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